Netiquette #2: Overview of the Rules

On the one hand, netiquette, or the set of official and unofficial rules for acting like a decent human online, should be pretty straightforward (Bradley, 2009). We’re taught from a young age how to share our toys and say nice things, but unfortunately, some of these skills don’t transfer online. When establishing a class that will have significant online interaction, establishing the ground rules will help avoid confusion.

Here are 3 videos I found on YouTube that overview the general expectations of netiquette.

After reviewing one or more of these, students could decide on the most or least useful or suggest a new rule that they would like to see added to the list.

Netiquette is too important to ignore, and assuming students have the basics already is treacherous. Students might interact with people from different parts of the world, and so much gets lost in the translation from face-to-face communication to online communication. Some time spent getting to know the basic rules of Internet interaction would be time well spent.


Bradley, S. (2009). The impact of netiquette on online group work: A study of UK Open University students. In O. Kallioinen (Ed.), Learning by developing—New ways to learn 2009 conference proceedings (pp. 152–167). Espoo, Finland: Laurea University of Applied Sciences.


4 thoughts on “Netiquette #2: Overview of the Rules

  1. All three of these videos would helpful as part of my adult practice. The older a person gets, the more they like information “short and sweet”. These are short and sweet, and informative. I might incorporate these videos at the beginning of an online course to refresh the learner’s memory on netiquette.
    I think the technology would benefit adult learners. The first video shared the different emoticons, in which I think are excellent if used positively. The second video shared the dos and don’ts of internet use. The third video, discussion board etiquette, would be excellent to use at the beginning of online courses where discussion boards are assigned. Another great thing about these videos is that they are less than 3 minutes.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed them. Melissa


  2. Hello Cindy this is fascinating for me i just had a crash course in netiquite from you videos. I was a sailor on the meaning of the abbreviated words and found it really anointing when sent to me but I am learning. Thanks for your post.


    1. I understand. The acronyms can be annoying for sure. Fortunately, there are sites to go find out what they mean. Unfortunately, it isn’t always convenient to go hunt them down.


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