Sharing Ideas #2: Hot Potato

My second idea to share also came from Bev McLean’s blog. This one is called Hot Potato. This program is also from Half-Baked Software. It’s freeware, but not open source, and no technical support is offered for it.

Hot Potato lets you create web-enabled quizzes. They can be cloze (fill in the blank), matching, crosswords, multiple guess, or jumbled sentences. As with Quandary, the program is not exactly intuitive. Some parts seem more clear than others, but like Quandary, there is a tutorial on the main page of the program. It’s hidden under the Help menu option and uses the Quandary engine.

For giggles, I made a quick Cloze activity. Although the program did grade the test for me, it scored the result funny. I made a 2-blank Cloze and put the correct answer for one and the wrong answer for the other which yielded a score of 25%. Last I checked, one correct out of two was 50%. Must be that “new math.”

So, maybe the scoring algorithm is a bit hinky, but for class, this program could be used to create quizzes or mini-assessments. Just make sure you grade your own.

This could also be fun for making Mad Libs.  You remember those, right? They were short stories with words missing and a clue that was a part of speech or category. One person collected the necessary list of nouns, adjectives, -ing verbs, numbers, famous people, drinks, or whatever else was necessary then read back the story while filling in the blanks from the list of words. This would still be a 2-person operation with Hot Potato, but it could be a funny use for it.

(c)2012 United Soybean Board // Retrieved on this date from Flickr Creative Commons and used unchanged.
(c)2012 United Soybean Board // Retrieved on this date from Flickr Creative Commons and used unchanged.

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