Sharing Ideas #3: Ethics Game

My last shared idea for the week was found on Linneth Edwards’ blog. This one is called Ethics Game.

Ethics Game is intended to teach critical thinking in ethically challenging situations. There’s an inventory quiz to figure out what your natural tendencies are and then some scenarios to help you define your ethics more closely. There are also some scenarios on critical topics to challenge students to consider a decision from many different sides. In addition, the site offers a semester-long writing class that focuses on ethical issues.

Unfortunately, there was no demo software to look at, and screenshot images were clouded over with NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION watermarks. There was a “Schedule a Demo” link, but that just led to a form to fill out with your the typical name, address, email type of things. Yes, I’m curious, but no, I don’t have time to set that up before the class deadline for this blog entry.

If I might make a marketing suggestion, I can understand why a creator of new content would not want to make everything available for free, a quick demo or a readable sample might do wonders. I, personally, would not trust someone to teach me about ethics until I knew something about their background and worldview. Sure, there’s the “Schedule a Demo” thing, but if I’m doing some hunting for information on potential courseware, I’m more likely to go with someone being less cryptic.

Nevertheless, assuming I signed up for the demo and found the software not disagreeable, the inventory might be an interesting way for students to find out how they judge situations and decide what to do. That could lead to further reflection. The ethics scenarios, depending on what they are, could provide interesting discussion fodder or a lead-in to a project that solves a problem.

(c) 2009 Joseph Gilbert // Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons on this date and used unchanged.
(c) 2009 Joseph Gilbert // Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons on this date and used unchanged.

6 thoughts on “Sharing Ideas #3: Ethics Game

  1. Hello!
    It has been another great semester! Your three top picks are ones that I found interesting and stood out to me too!
    I like the Ethics Game because of the critical thinking component it can bring to the classroom. This is an area students tend to struggle in and by using this game it will help them think through scenarios prior to entering the “real world.”
    See you next class 🙂


  2. Hi Cindy,
    I Tweeted out your blogs each week…did you see anymore traffic? I collected new followers with an interest in learning.
    Have to say, the collection of resources has been enlightening.
    For HotPotato, did you download from U Vic or Half Baked web site? I got from U Vic and no issues with operating system.
    Cheers, Bev


  3. Hello Cindy,
    Your post on netiquette especially the videos was such a eye opener for me and I enjoyed reading your posts. You always presents ideas that encourages critical thinking. I know your learners will be blessed to have you as their educator.
    Thank you


  4. Cindy, I really liked this week’s post. I can use any of the technologies you highlighted and discussed, however, the one that sticks out most for me is Ted Ed. Thanks for introducing me to yet another great tool. Tracy


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