Reciprocal Teaching: Part 2

A couple more reciprocal teaching ideas…


Learning Cell

Students develop their own test questions regarding material covered in class or in readings. Then they pair up and quiz each other. Problems occur if one student in the pair is unprepared. Using the question set as a means to gain admission to the class that day will cut down on wasted time. If a score is needed, students can answer their partner’s questions on paper. The questions could be assessed for their appropriateness, and answers will allow the instructor to see where confusion or misconceptions exist.

This might be an interesting follow up to the Note-Taking Pairs activity. After compiling notes with a partner, students could go build their set of questions and then quiz each other the next time the class meets.


A fishbowl is structured with two groups of students. An inner circle engages in a discussion while an outer circle observes and critiques the inner circle. The whole class then participates in a discussion about the content discussed and other features of the discussion.

This might be useful in the pet selection class if the inner group consisted of veterinarians or other animal experts rather than members of the class. The inner group could discuss the merits and challenges of owning various pets. The outer group would be the class, and the discussion would then focus on the content of the inner group’s discussion. This could possibly happen before the Note-Taking Pairs and become the source material for that lesson.

Two more reciprocal teaching ideas are coming next time.


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