Reciprocal Teaching: Part 3

Two more ideas for reciprocal teaching…

Role Play

Students form small groups. Each person takes on a role of a specific person or type of person and discusses an important topic.

My own experience with role-playing events is that people are too self-conscious to really participate. Many of the people I tried this with just read their character description from the card and participated no further. The best participants were those who were experienced in improvisational theater, but there are not many people with such experience.

Test-Taking Teams

After material for the class is covered, students take a test independently and turn it in. Before they receive their scores, students meet in groups and retake the same test, this time discussing their answer choices with the whole group. The team turns in a single set of answers. The scores for the individual and team tests are weighted and combined so that the individual test carries the most weight.

This could be used as a middle or end of course test or as little quizzes scattered throughout the course, similar to the Readiness Assurance Tests (RATs) used in the 4S model (Palsolé, & Awalt, 2008). The appeal paper is missing, but that could be added in easily.

Next time, Jigsaw in more detail.


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