Performance Improvement:

When a work process runs into a hitch in the get-along, many people assume more training is the answer. Training is only helpful for lapses in knowledge or skills, so in some situations, further training might get the job done. More often, though, there is some other phenomenon that is hinders efficient workflow.

A performance improvement project takes a look at the current situation and compares it to the ideal situation. Then causes are sought, and solutions are devised and carried out.

Addressing the problem in this way increases the likelihood of finding the real cause of the trouble and fixing it so people can work more effectively.

Online Walkthrough

Sometimes, an outsider can spot things an insider would miss. In an online walkthrough, I’ll coordinate a performance improvement project using a forum on either social media or an independent platform such as ProBoards. This will include all of the following:

A step-by-step walkthrough of a performance improvement model
Coordination of group interaction
Compilation of data
Summary of data
Final recommendations
Follow-up at an agreed-upon interval

Initial project: $45/hr + material costs (if any)
Follow-up for the same project: $20/hr + material costs (if any)

Editing Services:

I work for two small presses as an editor. My finished editing works include the following:

Victoria Adams’s Who I Am Yesterday: A Path to Coping with a Loved One’s Dementia
Two of Dianne Gardner’s Ian’s Realm books (Deception Peak and Rubies and Robbers)
Gwen Whiting’s Universal Mirror
Val Muller’s The Scarred Letter
Sheri  S. Levy’s Seven Days to Goodbye

My editing services are not a guarantee of publication in either of the presses I work for. I’m doing this freelance. If you wish to be considered for publication in a small press, research a good one and follow their submission guidelines.

Although I prefer science fiction, I will consider other types of works with the following restrictions:

No explicit sex
No graphic violence
No expletives
No sorcery/occult

First Pass: $5 / 1000 words
Second (and subsequent) Pass(es): $2 / 1000 words

Editing services include proofreading (hunting down glitches in grammar, spelling, and punctuation), wordsmithing (suggesting better word choices), developmental editing (suggesting improvements to scenes, checking for consistency, identifying unnecessary information).

Custom Crafts:

Would you like a custom-made piece of jewelry or a quilt? How about repairs to an old quilt or an article of clothing? Perhaps you’d like a garment embellished with hand-stitched embroidery or beadwork. I can do many kinds of crafty things. If you have an idea for a crafty thing, ask!  I’ll let you know if what you seek is in the realm of possibilities.

Cost: $15/hour + material costs

Some examples of my work:


red and blue spiral quilt qbert quilt zoomed light blue wall quilt knot quilt blue rose quilt orange quilt 2


old flowers pink flower piles pink green all leaves bird and butterfly pink


red and black fuzzy scarf dr who scarf in progress 02272016



4 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi Linneth,
    That’s hard to say, really, but for netiquette, there was quite a pile of videos on YouTube to help you out. Quandry might also work if you set it up properly.

    For general material, maybe something versatile and malleable like Versal will do you some good. You’d have to either find or create the content that matches your course needs, but the program appeared to be very customizable, which should help you.


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