Ms. Koepp has worked with PDMI for over a year. She has always been responsive to her assignments delivering results when needed with exceptional talent and attention to detail. She is patient and respectful and often relieves tension with her own sense of humor. In this way she creates an atmosphere where people are willing to share their views and contribute vigorously to a solid end product.

Earlier this year we engaged her to work through an analysis of our editorial department. She created a group online with company managers and members of the board. After walking the team through a number of steps which
gathered, addressed, and resolved input from the team and our authors, Cindy led us through the process of creating a Policy and Procedures document for the company. This process included requirements to resolve a number of issues we had with the department. The process has begun to show positive results as the chain of command is clarified and
managers and authors begin to learn where to go for answers. We also see an improvement in our product and internal communications. We were so pleased with Ms. Koepp’s work that we are duplicating the process in all departments.

Victoria Adams
Director of Business Operations
PDMI Publishing, LLC

I loved your comments. They were incisive, very helpful, and often laugh-out-loud funny. I’m very close to finishing a second mystery book, and I definitely feel as if I’ve learned a lot in editing this one.


Lori Robbins, Author of Lesson Plan for Murder